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Real Estate Contract Contingencies Explained

Real Estate Contract Contingencies

Why it is important to understand how real estate contract contingencies work.

What are Real Estate Contract Contingencies?

Contingencies are commonplace in contracts of all kinds. Real estate contract contingencies allow for one party or another to legally back out of a contract in the event of some specific condition occurring. They are protection against the unknown whether you are the buyer or the seller.

In real estate, there can be contingencies inserted for either buyer or seller or both. These take many different forms and until removed in writing, either party may change their minds based on the result of the contingent event or issue.

Some examples of home buyer contingencies:

  • Home inspections – condition of the home. It is critical to connect with a local inspector who has excellent reviews.
  • Specialty inspections – mold, geological, roof inspections. WDO inspections are a must, especially here in Florida.
  • Code Violations – an investigation into improvements made without permits. Make sure the title company does a municipal lien search on the property so you don’t get a surprise and find out there are liens on the property from past work that was done by previous owners.
  • Lender appraisal – ensures the offered price is not too high
  • Sale of current home – allows the buyer to back out if they cannot sell their current home in specific time frame as explained by Breakthrough Broker.
  • Final loan approval – loan is ready for signature and close.
  • HOA CC&Rs – review of documents to ensure rules and regulations do not infringe on enjoyment of property
  • Insurability – home owner’s insurance available at a reasonable rateHome sellers can also have contingencies included as well, such as one which states the sale is contingent on finding a replacement home. Contingencies are a fact of contract law. In real estate, they ensure that the offer is concluded as expected.