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Porch of the Month – July 2019

Congratulations to Victor and Michele Letourneaut on being recognized as July’s Porch of the Month in the Historic Springfield neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida!

Ready to celebrate the 4th of July, the Letourneauts went all out on creating a simply festive atmosphere at their beautiful home. They are truly a fun and full of life couple that brings a little pizazz to everything they do. 

Here’s what inspired their porch decor.

  1. What is your favorite thing about having a front porch?

             “Simply stated, I consider our terraces an extension of our everyday living/entertainment space.  There’s nothing like morning coffee on the front porch.”

2.    Was there a special inspiration in the decorating of your porch?

          “My husband’s parents are immigrants from Cuba.  His father had the opportunity to see his sons live The Dream.  Mario Letourneaut, Victor ‘s father never owned property in the United States.  He had been jailed under Castro and lost everything to come here.  We celebrate our freedom, our military service, and our prosperity.”

3.   How long have you lived in Springfield?

         “Since September 2015!”

4.   What is the best part of living in Springfield?

        “The DIVERSITY!!!”

5.   What would you say to folks who have just moved to Springfield?

       “Welcome.   Now relax, enjoy, and make a difference:)”