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Porch of the Month: August 2018

Summer is heating up in Jacksonville and so are the front porches in Springfield! Meet August’s Porch of the Month featured porch owners Chris and John!

historic homes, historic neighborhoods, historic homes in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Florida, front porch, southern living  

Historic Homes, Historic Neighborhoods, Historic homes of Jacksonville, front porch, southern living, Jacksonville, Florida 


1. What is your favorite thing about having a front porch?
Having a space that welcomes and gives a sense of comfort before entering our home. We love to entertain and find that our porch is a refreshing gathering place for conversation and relaxation. Also we LOVE thunderstorms. Our porch provides a safe vantage point when an afternoon Florida storm passes through.

2. Was there a special inspiration in the decorating of your porch?
Our porch is constantly evolving. We are both artists/decorators and find our porch space to be a canvas/platform we can use as a way to stimulate our creativity and show our appreciation for nature and design.

3. How long have you lived in Springfield?
11 years. When we relocated to Florida we found Historic Springfield to be so welcoming. The character and architecture was unique to what we thought we knew of Florida living. We’ve found that living in the urban core is so convenient yet still has the small town feel we loved in upstate NY.

4. What is the best part of living in Springfield?
The diversity and closeness of the community.
One square mile has provided neighbors that are always willing to help when needed and always up for a great time whether it be on a neighbors porch or at one of the many bars, restaurants that are in our ‘hood’.

The constant sounds of home renovation/ restoration throughout the neighborhood is most invigorating. Seeing the transformations of these homes is a wonderful sight to behold.

5. What advice would you give to folks thinking about moving to Springfield?
Come and experience the many activities that take place in Springfield: Second Sundays, Porchfest in November, July 4th baseball game. Also come dine at the many local restaurants or hang out at several of the friendly bars in Springfield to meet the colorful residents that make up this outstanding community. Finally, Take a stroll through the historic district and chat with the residents ask any questions or mention concerns you may have.

The many neighborhood social media pages are the most informative and often entertaining links to the goings on in Springfield. We find being members of these groups most helpful.

Buying a historic home to restore is a dream many have however the process can take longer than anticipated. It is important to hire an experenced contractor that is familiar with the guidelines one must follow when working in a National registered historic district. The process will be a smoother one.