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GALLERY NIGHT – Prizmatika by Drew Hunter

The second Gallery Night at Southern Moss Realty Company was a great success and enjoyed by friends from across Jacksonville. William Goin and his band provided a perfect musical background for the evening and the man of the hour, Drew Hunter, showcased some truly spectacular pieces.

About Prizmatika and Drew Hunter

Jacksonville artist Drew Edward Hunter presents an exhibit of a series of all-new, non-representational, highly decorative and blindingly vivid paintings in the office of Southern Moss Realty at 1710 Main Street in Historic Springfield. The art will be on display during office hours throughout April, May and June 2019. An opening reception will be held on Thursday 4 April from 6-8 PM at the Southern Moss Realty office.

The art is a follow up to an exhibition during the fall of 2018 in which Drew experimented with a style he coined as “Sudden Spontaneous Combustive Creativity.” Most of the artist’s work up to that time was very calculated and carefully composed, featuring a tight, detailed painting technique. Drew wanted to deliberately loosen his approach to see what would happen if he did not plan out his art as usual, but instead let the creativity flow and happen in the moment.

It was difficult at first for Drew to abandon the restraints of intentional composition and a distinct vision of what the imagined the art should look like when completed. The resulting works are riots of rampaging shades, tones, textures and saturated colors, sometimes accentuated and enhanced with mirrors, tiles, papers and other tactile materials. It is art created in the moment with no purpose or message other than to instill and inspire a sense of freedom, movement and spontaneity.

Drew lives in Historic Springfield in a 1903 house which he has dubbed “The Drewseum.” When not painting or drawing in his home galludio, he entertains, hosts movie nights and enjoys his quartet of fabulous felines. For over 22 years he has worked at Sally Corporation — a world-leader in the design and production of dark ride attractions and lifelike animatronic figures — where he is the Vice President of Design.

To see more of Drew’s art, please visit his site at