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Buying Historic Homes 101: The House Hunt

Now that you have gotten the financing portion of buying historic homes completed, it is time to begin the house hunt. As mentioned in a previous blog, there are several styles and types of homes you can find in a historic neighborhood. There are options like early 1900’s Victorians that have been beautifully renovated, duplexes and single family houses in need of renovation, houses built in the early 2000’s and brand new construction.

Also mentioned before is the importance of connecting with a Realtor® that lives and works in a historic neighborhood. Being a part of one of these communities is something special and different than living in any other area but, landing the perfect house for you can be tricky. Most historic neighborhoods require homeowners to follow certain criteria when it comes to making changes to the house which a Realtor® living and working in these areas can carefully guide you on as you tour different houses. There are also certain tax benefits available in a historic neighborhood and certain items to look for on your house hunt.

Once you have connected with a Realtor®, as you would do with any normal house hunt, create a list of needs and wants and sit down with your agent and let them guide you on what type of house in the neighborhood might work best for you. When you find the house that is meant for you, as one of our agents says, your toes will curl and the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up. That’s when you know you have found the next house you will turn into a home. Keep up with our blog for more tips on buying historic homes.