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Welcome to Southern Moss Realty Company. We are so glad that you’re here. Come on in, fix a glass of ice cold sweet tea, relax and get to know our family!

No matter where you are on your real estate journey, we have been there before and are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Buying Historic Homes 101: Financing

Buying Historic Homes 101: Financing The first step in buying historic homes is no different than buying any other home

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Historic Jacksonville Neighborhood Spotlight

Lakewood is a unique historic Jacksonville neighborhood just south of San Marco along the St. Johns River. Mostly a residential

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Top Mistakes Sellers Make When Choosing a Realtor®

Selling a home should be like any other business transaction, but all too often sellers make emotional or impulsive decisions

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House to Home - Creating Authentic Living Spaces

Welcome to our first post in our series, House to Home, a series all about creating authentic living spaces! Yes

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Lunch Hour with Southern Moss Realty Company

This week at Southern Moss Realty Company, our Broker had a serious craving for a good ole fashioned egg salad

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Springfield Shines at Jacksonville PorchFest 2017

Every neighborhood in Jacksonville is unique. Each has its own style, charm, quirks and ideals. When we are working with

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Trying to Figure out your Jacksonville Home’s Value? Don’t Use the Tax Info

In a perfect world, the property appraiser’s office would be filled with crystal balls, psychics, and a system to immediately

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On the Edge: Jacksonville Neighborhoods on the Edge of Transformation!

Here at Southern Moss Realty we have our finger on the pulse of all things Jacksonville. This city and its

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Southern Moss Realty Blog: Historic Tour of Homes

It is that time of year, friends! The annual Tour of Homes in Riverside/Avondale on April 29th& 30th and Springfield

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Welcome to Southern Moss Realty

Welcome home, Jacksonville. Thanks for joining us. We hope you’ll take a little stroll out to our front porch, sit

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